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Our Partners

Local partners

The Brussels Office has various types of relationship with local organisations. The first type is with organisations that are official members of the office. Core funding is provided by the LCR Combined Authority, which unites all the local authorities in Liverpool City Region as well as the Local Enterprise Partnership and Merseytravel. Other organisations are also members of the Brussels Office, either because they are part of the wider Combined Authority ‘family’ or because they pay a separate subscription. Finally, the Brussels Office maintains a relationship with a lot of other local organisations that enhance the region’s engagement with EU opportunities.

Brussels partners

Brussels is where the major EU institutions are located and where most European regions and sectors are represented, so it is the ideal place for Liveprool City Region to be making its voice heard. Liverpool City Region Brussels Office has a good relationship with MEPs, the European Commission and the UK government’s representation to the EU.

The Liverpool City Region Brussels Office is one of 200+ regional representations in Brussels. We will work with most of these from time to time on an ad hoc basis. However, we also work in a more structured way with other European regions through networks of strategic interest, which lobby jointly, bid for funding together and share best practice. Some of these networks are outlined via the links on the side menu.

As well as the regions, Brussels is home to a vast array of sectoral representations. The Brussels Office also works with these periodically around particular opportunities.