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Our Services


Much of the legislation that affects Liverpool City Region is formed in Brussels. The Brussels Office is well placed to give information and intelligence on emerging legislation well before it is picked up by other information channels and media. This allows our partners to prepare for implementation in good time and thereby make resource savings. We also provide extensive support to partners in lobbying the EU institutions so that any new EU legislation that is produced makes sense for LCR.


There is a myriad of EU funding available from Brussels that regions can compete for. This funding is available across an array of themes of relevance to LCR. Moreover, the amounts available are considerable and stable both in the short and long term. The Brussels Office supports local partners in building their awareness of available funds, matching these to their project ideas, providing intelligence on upcoming funding priorities and timescales, helping to find European partners with whom to bid collaboratively, and providing key input and a critical eye to the bids themselves.

Partnership and promotion

With its 200+ regional representations and many more sectoral representations, which in turn link to many multiples of organisations all across Europe, Brussels is a very effective location for building partnerships. The purposes of such partnership are many: joint lobbying on policy; building the consortia that are a pre-requisite for accessing many EU funds; sharing expertise; promoting local good practice and key initiatives… The Brussels Office maintains regular partnerships with strategic EU regions and bodies via a number of networks it participates in; other partnerships are set up on an ad hoc basis around a particular initiative.

In recent years, the Brussels Office has undertaken major European promotional of several key LCR initiatives, such as Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008 and, more recently, the International Festival for Business that first took place in Liverpool in 2014 and returns to the city in 2016.


The Brussels Office keeps partners informed in a variety of ways: organising visits to Brussels; setting up meetings and seminars in LCR; sending out regular thematic bulletins and producing in-depth briefings. It works with local partners bilaterally and through existing LCR-wide networks. The Brussels Office also runs its own LCR network, the Local European Issues Forum (LEIF), under which selected local partners meet once a quarter to examine key EU developments of general local interest.


We have shared meeting room and hot-desking facilities in our offices in the heart of the EU quarter in Brussels. We make available these facilities to LCR organisations and their partners on request.

Accessing our services

Organisations may access the full range of Brussels Office services by becoming a member; details of the subscription rate and corresponding services are available on request.